Grand Mart International Food, Alexandria, VA

Grand Mart International Food is a mecca of exotic fruits and vegetables.  I didn’t see anything in the way of organics but they certainly had a wide variety of unusual produce, much of which I was entirely unfamiliar.  What I did recognize were the isles of ethnic foods and spices.  Most prevalent were the spice blends which comes in handy when you are experimenting with various cuisines and would like to sample the flavors of a region without investing in all the individual herbs and spices contained in particular regional blends. Available were also rices, beans, noodles and other fare native to many regional cuisines, including Asian, Indian and Hispanic to mention only a few.

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Ethiopian Dinner Fundraiser for VegBoone

VegBoone is offering a delicious Ethiopian feast in exchange for member support.  VegBoone member and talented chef, Danielle Bussone, will be preparing this dinner to help us with the costs of running VegBoone. (These include fees for: the Meetup software, printing, literature offered at events, and venue rental.)  The cost of the dinner is $10 per person (non-refundable) and we will be selling tickets at the events scheduled before October 9th.  We would really appreciate payment in advance, but will accept payment at the door if there are any slots available.

Here is Danielle’s description of the dinner. (more…)

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