Countdown to Tampa Bay VegFest! Nov 7th at 10am!

Join us at the Tampa Bay VegFest, November 7th, beginning at 10am! Danielle will be demonstrating how to make Coconut Curry With Indian Spices from her new book, Time For Change: Whole Foods for Whole Health!


Tampa Bay Vegfest

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Cocoa Village Celebrates Its Inaugural Space Coast VegFest!

by Danielle Bussone


This Sunday, Oct 11th, Riverfront Park is the place to be in Cocoa Village, Florida,  where Healthy Planet of Brevard will be celebrating its first ever vegfest from 11am to 5pm.

Healthy Planet of Brevard is a vegan/vegetarian organization that has been operating for 20 years. Founded by Susie and Eric Sricker, Healthy Planet is a local organization that promotes plant-based living through education and entertainment.




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Hot Woks Cool Sushi – Super-Charged Sushi In Chicago!



To celebrate a wonderful week filled with friendship, family and sport we went out to Hot Woks Cool Sushi to celebrate. Combining the philosophy of balancing Ying and Yang in our bodies, the restaurant has two separate kitchens: one for cold dishes (Ying) and another for the hot dishes (Yang.

Kate Strong-9 Menu


Hot Woks Cool Sushi offers many choices for vegans and omnivores – a good compromise for my family as I am currently the only plant-powered person. Introducing my family to spicy edamame beans was a big hit with my (very food-stubborn) father declaring that these are now his favorite pre-dinner nibble!

Kate Strong-10 Edamame


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Super-Charged Athlete in Chicago!


Competing for Australia in triathlon permits me to travel far and wide for competitions and this year, I had qualified for five World Championship Triathlons, three of which were held in the same city, in the same week: Chicago!

I packed my bike, my trainers and my passport and headed towards the Windy City for a whistle-stop 6-day trip.

Arriving two days before my first race, my focus was on race preparation: Registering for the competitions and getting to know the course, as well as waking up my legs from a long overnight flight from London, UK.


Kate Strong-1 Swim


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