Catherine Deborah (CD) Davidson-Hiers

Catherine Deborah (CD) Davidson-Hiers


Over the summer between her first and second years in college, Catherine Deborah (CD) worked as a lifeguard in Florida during one of the hottest summers in record.

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Due to extreme heat and sun exposure, she began developing chronic migraines that persisted into the fall semester in college. Dropping to one class to retain her status as a student, Catherine Deborah was forced to rework her life to accommodate wracking head pain that lasted for over fourteen days (as long as twenty-one). Late into the school year, she met with Danielle Bussone who suggested she try a plant-based diet, and, after hearing Danielle’s wonderful success story, Catherine Deborah decided she had nothing to lose by trying. Two days later, she was pain free and optimistic again.




Two months without a headache, Catherine Deborah signed on as a staff writer to write for Veggin’ Out and About. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida, where she is majoring in French and English at Florida State University. With a desire to accomplish much within her lifetime, she travels quite frequently (even if it’s only a day-long road trip to a Georgian field). She passionately pursues a career as a novelist and is working on her first collection of short stories and other longer works. She plays Irish fiddle, works as a Starbucks barista on her school campus, and on the weekends hops over to a farm in the Tallahassee area to ride horses. She also regularly competes in triathlons through a school organization that sponsors student athletes.




Contact Catherine Deborah to recommend a restaurant, talk about anything plant-based, discuss literary works, or even pose an unanswerable philosophical question.

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