Our Writing Staff

Our Writing Staff

Veggin’ Out and About! is proud to announce the addition of our new staff of restaurant reviewers and food writers. These amazing, talented writers  come from all walks of life and are devoting their time, talents, energy and love to help Veggin’ Out and About! readers find healthy foods to support them as they travel the thoroughfares of our nation and nations across the globe.

We encourage you to visit their respective websites to learn how our incredibly energetic team labors tirelessly to create inventive ways to nurture our bodies, expand our knowledge, protect this planet we call home and eliminate the needless torture and slaughter of our animal friends. Check out their profiles at the bottom of each post. If they are in your area, drop them a line and tell them of restaurants you’d like to see reviewed.

You will no doubt be hearing great things from these dynamic forces of change in the months and years to come!

Note: Our writers are listed in order of seniority.



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