Pegge Bochynski

Pegge Bochynski

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Born and bred in Massachusetts, Pegge was raised eating New England staples such as Boston baked beans with pork, Fenway Franks, cod cakes, lobster (more properly pronounced  “lobsta”), and Yankee pot roast. In 1983, she experienced an epiphany of sorts. After attending a concert by the traveling Heidelberg Chamber Orchestra, she and her husband invited one of the violinists for an overnight stay. The next morning, Pegge prepared a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, pastry, and fruit salad. However her guest declined everything but the fruit salad. Her reason? She was a vegetarian! It was the first time Pegge had met somebody who didn’t consume meat, chicken, or fish in any form, but it wasn’t the last.

Over the years, Pegge and her husband became friends with a PhD. student from MIT, a well-known Boston comedian and political satirist, and others who had adopted a plant-based lifestyle. Their eating habits were cause for reflection. Gradually the Bochynskis gave up beef, then chicken, and then fish. In 2004, they became dedicated vegetarians and haven’t looked back. The eating style Pegge first thought was odd when she met the Heidelberg violinist has now become a key component in her physically active lifestyle, which includes a daily yoga practice, walking, and light weight lifting. She’s also developed a passion for ping pong.

One challenge vegetarians face is finding restaurants that are committed to offering quality vegetarian and vegan fare, but also serve non-vegetarian dishes. After all, “mixed groups” of vegetarians and omnivores often eat out together. Pegge has discovered that going to  restaurants featuring eclectic menus presents opportunities for sharing reasons why she has chosen a vegetarian/vegan diet, which in turn causes her friends and family to think about what it means to eat locally, sustainably, and ethically.  There are many such places in New England, and Pegge looks forward to sharing her “finds” with you.

Pegge’s territory is Boston, MA and the surrounding area. You can contact Pegge directly to share your comments and restaurant recommendations at

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