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Veggin’ Out and About! is thrilled to introduce our Feature Writer, Caryl Eyers. Caryl entertains and informs us monthly in her column, “Vegan Food Quest: Veggin’ Out and About In Southeast Asia!,” as she travels throughout Southeast Asia in search of adventure, vegan food and sunshine.

Eating A Banana Leaf Curry

Eating A Banana Leaf Curry

Caryl Eyers from Vegan Food Quest

Caryl is on a Vegan Food Quest to find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world. She left her home in England in January 2014 and has been traveling in South East Asia ever since. The first year of the Vegan Food Quest includes visiting countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka where Caryl will be reporting back on the great vegan food she finds from street food hawker stalls to top end luxury restaurants and hotels. Each month, she’ll be showing us it’s possible to eat a healthy plant-based diet wherever you go, whatever your budget, in our feature ‘Vegan Food Quest: Veggin’ Out and About In South East Asia’.

I’m Caryl and I’ve been vegan since 2003. I decided to change from being vegetarian to living a fully plant-based vegan lifestyle after finding out more about animal cruelty. Since then I’ve learnt more and more about the health and environmental benefits of being vegan and would never go back.

I love being vegan and the benefits it brings and want to show people not only how easy it is (most of the time!) but also how much delicious vegan food is out there. You can join in with the Vegan Food Quest by following my regular Veggin’ Out and About column and Vegan Food Quest blog, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I find and suggestions of vegan food to eat on my adventure.

Caryl Veggin' Out in a Hammock at Bulone

Caryl Veggin’ Out in a Hammock at Bulone


Join Caryl on her Vegan Food Quest:

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