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Roberta Walker

Roberta Walker

Roberta Walker grew up snowboarding at Mount Seymour, and skating the local spots in her hometown, North Vancouver. She turned her love of snowboarding into a career as a pro- snowboarder. Roberta spent her late teens and 20‘s competing and traveling across the globe. Some serious back injuries led to her eventual retirement but she remained deeply involved in snowboarding as the owner of Infamous, an athlete management company, the Creative Director of Snowboard Canada Women’s Annual magazine as well as designing clothing for Nomis and outerwear for Foursquare. As an athlete Roberta understood the importance of keeping her body strong but never understood the importance of what she put in it.

After her father in-laws passing in early 2008 she became committed to doing everything possible to achieve optimal health for herself and her husband, JP. With no real kitchen skills to draw on she delved into the world of food prep, starting with the purchase of her first kitchen appliance, a Vitamix and eventually progressing to a top of the line food processor, excalibur dehydrator, spiral slicer, and all the tools needed to create nutritious whole food meals. Recently she attended the Living Light Culinary Institute taking their Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts and Science of Raw Food Nutrition to help expand on her skills.

Roberta has spent the past few years living in Encinitas, CA where there is an abundance of fresh, local, and organic produce, but she wanted to take it one step further. With the help of JP she built a vertical hydroponics garden growing organic ingredients for her creations year round. Outside of food she is passionate about the environment and sustainability, spending time learning and implementing tools and techniques for more sustainable living. Her passion for the environment and organic foods has led to a career shift as she now uses her marketing and promotional skills working at a local non-profit for environmental innovation.

When not working or in the kitchen Roberta enjoys being outdoors, surfing, SUPing, snowboarding, and hiking. As a YTT 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor Roberta uses her practice to find balance and peace. Based full time in California she still spends time every year in her hometown in Canada as well as JP’s native Salt Lake City. They both love to travel and explore new areas for surf, sun and great food having been to Europe, Japan, South America, Central America, Singapore, and the Maldives just to name a few of the locales they frequent.

You can follow Roberta’s travels, life, find recipes, nutrition tips, kitchen tips and tools, restaurant reviews, travel advice, and more on her blog Being Berta.



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