The Supercharged Athlete — Fulfilling Foods

Fulfilling Foods

by Kate Strong


Nutrition is a key building block for everyone. We really are what we eat!

In the past, when I ate more processed foods, such as bought patties, pasta, potato chips, biscuits etc. I noticed my energy levels varied quite dramatically: initially I felt a buzz from the processed food and full of energy. My thoughts, however, jumped around and quite scattered. Shortly afterwards, maybe 30-90 minutes later, I’d feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated. I’d also start feeling hungry again.


Kate Strong: Pic 1


My old food was filling me, but not fulfilling me.

Today, with better knowledge and understanding how food can work with, or against, your body, I eat only plant-based wholefoods that are rich in all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and energy I require to maintain my active lifestyle.

As an endurance athlete, the weeks leading to an Ironman triathlon, I am training upwards of 30 hours a week. I do not want to lose energy from eating hollow foods.

The vast majority of ‘sport’ fuels available in stores and on-line are high in refined sugar and are highly processed. Most athletes struggle to consume, and rarely enjoy, these products, be it in the form of gels, bars or liquid powder.

I personally find that after 2-3 hours of training, or competing, and relying on these processed ‘sports foods’, I start to feel nauseous, my mouth feels dry and I struggle to continue eating more of the same even though I know I will run out of energy if I stop eating.


Kate Strong: Pic 2
A quick solution was for me to carry a bag of nuts and dried fruit with me and break-up the monotony of the sugary foods.

This got me thinking: There has to be an alternate and healthier way to meet my energy requirements. Upon seeking advice from plant-based cyclist, she recommended me to read the book Thrive by Brendan Brazier. Brendan is an ex-professional Ironman triathlete and has been 100% fuelled by plants since the age of 15.

This inspired me to have the confident to start playing in the kitchen with the intention to create a palatable high-fuel alternative for my multiple-hour sessions.

Below is my favorite recipe for a bar that I use during my competitions:


Kate Strong: Pic 4


Kate Strong: Pic 3

Sweet Sesame Snack


Kate Strong: Pic 5

150g almond meal
150g sesame seed
75g chia seed
75g agave nectare
50g tahini (unhulled)


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl
Roll out ingredients and cut into bite-size squares (you can roll them into balls if preferred)
Place in air-tight container in fridge for 2-3 hours until firm

To hold my food on my bicycle, I use a bag strapped to the frame, as shown in the picture.


Kate Strong: 6




Kate Strong


Kate Strong, aka Strong Kate, is a Welsh-born international traveller. Kate has spread her wings far and wide not only geographically but in every aspect of her life. Having graduated with a double Masters in Mechanical Engineering from French and English universities, Kate has had a diverse career path from working with fashion companies such as Gucci, Diesel and Benetton in Italy, at an environmental protection agency in Russia, to working as a Dive-Master in Mexico! Kate is a 2014 World Champion, Women’s Long-distance Triathlete.

Kate is currently based in Sydney, Australia with the intention to move to the shores of Lake Geneva mid 2015 to develop a conscious-living business promoting health and fitness products and services. Contact Kate with your thoughts and suggestions and follow Kate as she trains for upcoming events.

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