Green Bar & KITCHEN – An Organic, Vegan, Kosher Eatery In Ft. Lauderdale!


by Andrea Medalie

After an intense workout, who doesn’t crave a thick and juicy burger? A veggie burger, that is! That’s exactly what happened to us the other night when my running partner and I had finished a 7-mile “hill training” run in the pouring down rain along the very steep and long causeway bridge. I could think of no other place than the Green Bar & Kitchen, an organic plant-based, non-GMO, mostly gluten-free eatery to satisfy our hunger in a healthy yet hearty way! gb&K is located at 1075 SE 17th St., in very popular and touristy east Ft. Lauderdale.


GB&K  Soft Serve 2


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Veggie Xpress: A Truck Above the Rest!

by Andrea Medalie



So my running partner, Mark, and I had just finished an early 14-mile combo run (road and trail) and boy were we famished!  We didn’t feel like the old run-of-the-mill bagel joint/deli where I usually end up with just a multigrain bagel with peanut butter!  So we opted for the bi-weekly seasonal farmer’s market located in our beautiful city of Parkland, FL (a suburb just south of West Boca Raton, north of Coral Springs), where we knew we would find the Veggie Xpress food truck. A diamond in the rough, Veggie Xpress lives up to its motto:  “Delicious. Nutritious. Conscientious.”


Veggie Xpress Food Truck


Sure, there were plenty of vendors with vegan-friendly products like guacamole, olive oil, pickles, pasta and pastries but no other booth or stand offered wholesome and satisfying made-to-order meals like Veggie Xpress.  Owned and operated by registered dietician/nutritionist/personal trainer Lori Kupferman for well over a year now, Veggie Xpress offers a wide array of all-natural, vegan, Kosher-style fare with no added salt or sugar –  from smoothies to soups, wraps to gluten-free sides as well as desserts.


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