Dr. Joel Kahn Reveals Interesting New Strategies for Early Detection & Prevention

    by Danielle Bussone

Dr. Joel Kahn, preventive cardiologist and clinical professor of medicine at Wayne State University, Michigan, shares fascinating new information about how the heart acts in many ways like a brain, how our diet and gut biome effect the functioning of the heart and how a healthy heart is largely within our control.

He is author of three books: Dead Executives Don’t Get Bonuses, The Whole Heart Solution and The No B.S. Diet. Dr. Kahn also writes “The Holistic Heart Doc” column for Reader’s Digest Magazine.

He and his son have recently opened a healthy eatery in the metro Detroit area called The GreenSpace Cafe.

For more information on Dr. Kahn go to his Website. His books can be found on his author page on Amazon.

For more information, follow Dr. Kahn on social media at the following links!

Facebook Page

Twitter Page

Instagram Page


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