Always Organic, Always Plant-Based At Christopher’s Kitchen, West Palm Beach, FL

by Michael Wilkins


Marjie and I were diving in West Palm Beach over the weekend. On Sunday we decided to look for a restaurant for brunch that catered to vegetarian/vegan diets. We had quite a bit of time, so we sat down on the couch with the laptop and began browsing through the different options available on the internet. Many of the places listed as vegetarian either were not popular or had only one item on the menu that qualified them to be put into the group of restaurants that had vegetarian/vegan offerings. We were patient while looking for a place and our patience paid off.




We struck gold with Christopher’s Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens, just north of West Palm Beach. The restaurant was easy to find as it was a short distance from I-95 going West on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard. As it says on their website, the mission of Christopher’s Kitchen is to serve only the finest high-quality organic plant-based food. In this restaurant you will find food that has great nutritional value and outstanding taste. There will be no need to remove items from your plate that you don’t want to ingest because I found nothing on their menu that any of us would exclude from our diet.


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Dell’z Vibez – Smoothie and Juice Bar In Downtown Charleston, SC!

by Danielle Bussone


Just around the corner from Dell’z Diner you’ll find Dell’z Vibez (Vibes), a bustling smoothie and juice bar owned and managed by Dell’z daughter, Nicole (Nikki) Brown.  Nikki, as it turns out, is Holistic Health Practitioner, a Certified Raw Foods Chef and Teacher.


Dell'z Vibez


Rich and I  waddled in after stuffing ourselves at Dell’z Deli and couldn’t resist ordering something to drink. Nikki recommended something light which would help us to digest the heavy meal we had just consumed.


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