Hob Nob Farm Cafe

Hob Nob's Interior

Hob Nob’s Interior

by Danielle Bussone

A very interesting couple owns this cafe.  Nova and Mike Nelson, whom I believe is the chef, seem to love creating new restaurants which combine marvelous fusions of cultures and flavors with very healthy eating, always with vegetarian and vegan options.


Hob Nob's Outdoor Dining

Hob Nob’s Outdoor Dining


The first of their restaurants, at least that we’ve experienced, was called Angelica’s.  You could fine Asian-style nori rolls, Cajun red beans and rice and wonderful Italian pastas.  Once this restaurant became a huge success, they sold it and moved to another location across town where they founded The Coyote Kitchen.  I’ll talk about this restaurant in depth later as it still exists under new management.  Coyote Kitchen quickly became our favorite restaurant in Boone with its creative fusions of Caribbean and Southwestern cuisines.  Once this was up and running full tilt, they again sold their restaurant and opened a Thai restaurant in yet another area of town.  (I did not make it to this restaurant and can not reliably comment on it.)  The next thing we knew, they were back at the Angelica’s location with still another restaurant which they call the Hob Nob Farm Cafe.  It is marvelous! I’ve never had a bad meal there.


Hob Nob Unknown dish


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Babylon, Johnson City, TN

by Danielle Bussone




Rich and I discovered this restaurant a few years ago, when we were still unenlightened carnivores.  Adopting a whole foods plant-based lifestyle dramatically reduced the number of decent restaurants we could enjoy.  Babylon is a friendly family owned mediterranean restaurant. We had to include this as our first post for Veggin’ Out and About.  Babylon is not fancy but the food is delicious.  Friday is the best day to go as most of the specials then are vegan.



On Fridays they serve eggplant and potato stew and vegetables stuffed with a tasty tomato-rice concoction. Most days one can purchase a vegan lentil stew, Falafel (fried vegetable balls), and eggplant salad with pickles, Tabouleh (parsley, tomato and bulgur salad) and hummus (pureed chickpeas with spices).  Everything is served with generous portions of flatbread, which is wonderful.


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