How to Cut Bell Peppers

How to Cut Bell Peppers

by Danielle Bussone



The easiest way to cut a bell pepper is to lay it on its side and slice off both ends. Remove the stem end and the bottom end. Twist off and discard the stem and cut strips of the remaining end pieces to the desired width, rotating as you complete each side. If you want julienned strips, leave them as they are. To dice, gather the strips and cut across them to the desired sized.

Next, remove and discard the mass of seeds from the body of the fruit. Make one slice down the side of the bell pepper. This will allow you to open the pepper and lay it flat on your chopping board in a long rectangular panel. Gently remove the fibrous ribs with your knife.

To julienne, cut the end of the bell pepper into strips of the desired width.

To dice, gather strips and cut across into preferred size.

To mince, make all your cuts very thin, julienned and diced.

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