How to Julienne an Onion

How to Julienne an Onion

by Danielle Bussone



Julienne is a term that describes cutting vegetables into small sticks, usually about ⅛- to ¼-inch wide and up to two inches long. For onions, cut peeled onion in half and lay on chopping board cut side down. Beginning on one side, cut lengthwise, angling your blade toward the center of the onion, making thin wedges or strips as you cut. Separate with your fingers. Repeat with other half.

For root vegetables, slice off a small amount from the side of the vegetable, just enough so it will sit flat on a chopping board without rolling. Cut lengthwise slices the desired thickness of your vegetable sticks. Remove rounded ends and set aside. Stack slices and cut lengthwise again to desired width. Turn and cut across the vegetable to desired length. Lay the two rounded ends on the chopping board, flat side down, and cut the same way, one at a time.

For celery, trim ends off celery and discard or set aside for making stock. Cut each rib of celery lengthwise to the desired width. Cut across to desired length.

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