Vegan Meetup in Asheville, NC

For the vegan and veg-curious, there is no better way to sample a variety of great vegan dishes than by joining a local meet-up group.  The best way to find one in your area is to simply google vegan meetups (your city).  For example, vegan meetup Butler, TN.  This brought up meetup groups in Boone, NC, Asheville, NC and Johnson City, TN, all of which we have become members.  Participation in these potluck events are usually free or very inexpensive, depending on whether the group has to pay a fee for a venue in which to meet.  I’ve never seen one charge more than $3. You are expected to bring a pot-luck dish which has no animal products in it whatsoever and will feed eight people.  Usually, you also bring your recipe as well as your own place setting.  This is a great way to experience vegan cuisine, gather new recipes of the dishes you enjoyed and become a part of a supportive group of like minded people.  Occasionally, a group will get together to sample the vegan cuisines offered by local restaurants.

Yesterday, we were able to visit for the first time (due to the long drive) The Asheville Vegan Society’s luncheon at Suwana’s Thai Orchid.  Suwana’s was one of the first restaurants we reviewed when we began our journey with Veggin’ Out & About. We learned yesterday she is in the process in opening up an Asian Noodle shop very near Suwana’s Thai Orchid.  We are excited about reviewing this new find in the coming weeks.

The Asheville Vegan Society is a robust, laid-back group of vegans of all ages. We had such a great time and were welcomed like old friends. The food at Suwana’s was even better than we remembered.  It was all so delicious and the service was fantastic. Thank you, Joe W. VeganMan for organizing this great event and this dynamic group!! And thank you, Suwana and her amazing staff for pulling it off so seamlessly!!

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