VegBoone Earth Week Meet-up!

VegBoone is a vegan organization which meets monthly to share a meal free of animal products, promote the health benefits of a humane lifestyle which recognizes and respects the sanctity of all life and to enjoy conversations and community with like-minded people.

Tonight’s VegBoone pot-luck meet-up celebrating Earth Week was held at Watauga County Public Library in Boone, NC.  It was a smashing success! Jasmine ShoShanna gave  an inspiring talk on how we can heal our planet while healing ourselves. She talked about the importance of composting, conserving electricity and little things one can do routinely which will make a huge impact on preserving our planet.  Around 40 people attended with lots of great food and lively conversation. We were pleased to see so many new young faces among the crowd. Jeanne and Larry Kaiser’s hard work in publicizing VegBoone is paying off in spades. Check out the photos!


  1. Thanks for this! Everyone seemed to have a great time, enjoying the company, the food, and the speaker! The next one will be on May 16th! Details soon!

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