Elite Eats at Caliza in Alys Beach

23 Nonesuch Way
Alys Beach, FL 32413

Visit the website:
Caliza Restaurant

(850) 625-4914
Tuesday - Saturday 5:30 to 9:30
Reservations recommended
Reviewed by Amanda Trevelino

by Amanda Trevelino

If it’s true that we eat first with our eyes, it hardly would matter what food is served at Caliza. This architecturally award-winning pool and al fresco restaurant in Alys Beach, Florida, is all about limestone, lanterns, glitz and glamor. It’s such an indulgent-looking destination a person might be surprised to find a vegetarian menu among the surf and turf sophistication. The veg menu exits, I promise, but you’ll probably have to ask for it. Better yet, request it when you make your reservation, because sometimes the helpful staff actually has to rummage through drawers to locate it among the wine lists and the full menu of richer options. Don’t worry; it’s worth a little extra effort to enjoy a clean, sophisticated well-composed dinner at this seriously chic poolside setting.
The plant-based menu isn’t the catch of the day, but it is consistent. Kudos to Chef Kevin Korman for making the commitment. And for making some of the best fried green tomatoes this southern girl has found anywhere. They’re audibly crispy on the outside, and inside they’re tangy and sublime, never overcooked or soggy.
The Pasta Pomodoro is a comfortable and satisfying staple, although purists may want to decline the goat cheese garnish. Chef takes a riskier approach with his Falafel entrée. Surprisingly, it isn’t crispy fried, but served softly alongside mushrooms and tomato confit. Again, hold the creamy chèvre. Avocado anyone? The tofu entrée is a direct substitute for the main menu’s tuna selection. Our table ordered one of each. Both were served with less togarashi (a Japanese chile condiment) than we’d hoped, but pickled apple and celery made a feisty impression instead.
Other indulgences include an extensive wine menu, cocktail list and seasonal sorbets. And a chocolate sorbet never disappoints.

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Amanda Trevelino has been a featured blogger and worked as contributing editor for The Atlantan, Modern Luxury Publishing; feature writer for Veranda; contributor to Southern Living, Atlanta Magazine Home, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles. She’s been a PR consultant, public relations director for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and public relations director for Atlanta Ballet. She studied at University of Georgia, and with eCornell. Amanda also has a teaching certification in yoga and has completed a raw foods immersion on an isolated Costa Rica camp.

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  1. Tara Bryant

    So happy to hear that you enjoyed the vegetarian options. Caliza is no secret…. such an wonderful escape. We will have to try some of your suggestions next weekend when we are down for a visit. Great article, thank you!

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