Our Mission

Our Mission

As advocates of a whole foods plant-based lifestyle we’ve found it challenging to find healthy foods to sustain us while traveling on long road trips away from our familiar turf.

The original purpose of this blog was to direct the frustrated vegan motorist to healthy restaurants, farmers’ markets and grocers that would accommodate the discerning palettes of the growing population of nutrition-conscious diners. Our goal is to create a reliable vegan food resource database, including markets and healthy restaurants readers can visit with confidence.

We have learned through experience that the best practice when traveling is to bring nutritious foods with us. While we still enjoy eating out on occasion, we have found that most restaurants, even the very best of them, serve foods that contain more salt and oil that we believe is optimal for maximum health.

So, as of January, 2016, we are including in Veggin’ Out and About! cooking videos from restaurants we’ve enjoyed, including ways to make the dishes healthier. We also include some of Danielle’s cooking videos, share stories of people who have enjoyed improved health by embracing a plant-based lifestyle, and profile people making interesting and laudable contributions to the plant-based community, to the sustainability of our planet and to the protection of animals. We have also launched another website, Time For Change Kitchen, that is entirely about cooking and includes whole foods recipes and cooking videos.

Our overarching goal is that of furthering the whole foods plant-based movement. By extension we hope to reduce the impact of consuming animals on our health, our children’s health and that of future generations, reduce the effects of animal consumption to our planet’s sustainability as well as reduce or eliminate the needless suffering and slaughter of other sentient beings.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will share your experiences and wisdom with your fellow plant-based pilgrims.

We are hopeful this modest beginning will grow and expand over time. Join us as we mine this wonderful country and the globe for fresh perspectives and flavorful foods as we go Veggin’ Out and About!

Danielle (Editor and Co-founder) and Rich (Co-Founder, Webmaster,  Sous-Chef & Technical Guru)


  1. Hi Danielle & Rich!

    This is Nicole Dyer from the Abingdon Farmers Market. I would love to chat with you at some point, however I realized I don’t have your email. Get in touch if you’d like!

    Take care,

  2. I’m looking forward to checking in on your delicious adventure as it progresses and I hope to experience some of your reccomendations first hand in the near future.

    • Danielle

      Thanks, Rita! We will have a new Indian recipe up today or tomorrow. It is simple to make and is fantastic!!

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