Veggin’ Out and About Is Changing Its Icon


Veggin’ Out and About’s original intention was to review restaurants across the United States. However, we are finding we are developing a global audience and are receiving tips about excellent restaurants worldwide. Also, we have received comments that our current logo suggests a political bent to our blog, which is simply not the case. We are changing our Icon to better reflect our mission of plant-based travel. Artist, Tokuko Takamatsu of Tokyo, Japan created this Icon for us. Look for it in all our future posts!

Toku's Avitar Embossed Merged500


  1. Great logo! I can’t even remember your old one, but I do like this one a lot. It conjures up a view of plant-powered people putting along the open road in a plant-powered car in search of the perfect vegan meal.

    • Danielle

      Thanks, Leslie! That was the plan. Toku did a great job creating it!

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