Canyons Is Now Veg-Friendly!

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Blowing Rock, NC
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Reviewed by Danielle Bussone

by Danielle Bussone

Canyons is located in Blowing Rock, NC. When I say it is right off Highway 321, I mean it is right off 321. Continue past the road into Blowing Rock until the highway curves to the left. Steer slightly to the right and you’ll find yourself in Canyon’s parking lot.

Canyons Restaurant

The restaurant stretches precariously on the precipice of John River’s Gorge with a sheer drop of  nearly 2,000 feet.  The view extends 12 miles across five mountain ranges including the view sought after by most tourists to this region, Grandfather Mountain.


The last time I dined at Canyons, I was not a vegan. The food was quite good though I don’t remember a plant-based option. The fare was gourmet sandwiches and classic burgers and fries.

Many years have passed since then and times have changed. Canyons now offers a delicious plant-based menu with daily specials which can be tailored to be vegan at prices which are more than reasonable. The requisite salads and soup of the day are always offered, however, we went straight to the heart of the menu.

Rich had the mushroom and barley burger. ($8.95) The bun had to be replaced with a wrap to make it completely vegan. It had a meaty, grilled texture flavored with with a hint of soy. It was served with a side of mixed vegetables cooked precisely to the point of doneness and not a second more. A sprinkling of freshly picked herbs from their own herb garden made the veggies sparkle with summer flavors. I had the vegetarian bean burrito ($7.95) with the cheese removed and jammed packed with goodies. Both dishes came with a side of either black beans or pinto beans, jasmine rice and pico de gallo.

You can also order a bowl of black beans and rice ($6.95) if you prefer not to have gluten or a vegan taco consisting of two flour tortillas (7.95) stuffed with refried beans, onions and tomatoes with a side of  lettuce and house-made fresh pico de gallo. Available as sides at an additional cost are baked potatoes, black or pinto beans, guacamole, house salad and fresh fruit.

Canyons utilizes fresh and local organic ingredients from area farmers whenever possible.

Canyons sports a history dating back to 1933. Originally known as “The Bark”, the establishment has changed hands over the years becoming infamous as a speakeasy, a brothel, a dancehall, a casino, a grill, a grocery, a tavern and a restaurant and bar. Under current ownership, Canyons is the go-to place in Blowing Rock for casual dining where you can have a drink at the bar or enjoy a compassionate plant-based meal on a balcony with exquisite view. Whether you are wearing your shorts and sneakers or your diamond tiara Canyon’s friendly staff will make you feel welcome and appreciated.

Link to Canyons Restaurant

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