Garden of Vegan in Delray Beach, FL, Offers Vegan, Gluten Free Fare With NO GMO’s!!! Unfortunately this Restaurant Has Closed.

528 N.E. 2nd Street Downtown
Delray, FL. 33483

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Reviewed by Andrea Medalie

by Andrea Medalie

So my running partner (non-vegan) and I had just finished a grueling 10-mile race in Wellington, FL on Sunday when suddenly we were ravenous!  We needed to refuel and fast!  Not typically a breakfast person, my hunger made me want to sink my teeth into a hearty, healthy rib-sticking morning meal as my sweet reward!  Since we weren’t from the area, a quick internet search yielded not just a vegan-friendly place but a vegan-dedicated little gem called The Garden of Vegan, just a few blocks away from bustling Atlantic Ave. in trendy downtown Delray Beach, FL.

Garden of Vegan: Exterior

Open 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, breakfast from 9-11 weekdays, 9-12 on weekends, the Garden of Vegan promises no GMO, no dairy, no wheat, no soy and no gluten!!  Many raw items are available too. Score!  They have basically taken all the guesswork out for us vegans who struggle to find suitable plant-based nutrition.  However, they do use cashews and walnuts in a few dishes, so heads up to those with tree nut allergies.

Garden of Vegan: Sign

As soon as we walked into this humble yet charming establishment, we were greeted with warm, friendly smiles.  Co-owner Nabar Exist, a vegan for 30 years, seated us and suggested a no ice, no water smoothie to start. How could we refuse?  This juiceologist extraordinaire mixed up a green beverage with fresh fruit and kale that was very light and refreshing.  You can even add raw protein to the mix, if you’d like.
No-Water Green Smoothie

No-ice, No-Water Green Smoothie

Nabar, from New York, along with his partner Rahein Jonec, opened the Garden of Vegan just 22 weeks ago, realizing there were no vegan-only restaurants in the area.  They hired Nico Pulles, an Argentinian chef who studied under famous raw pioneer Aris Latham, to train the staff for 6 weeks.  Since everything is fresh and made to order, the meals may take some time but they are certainly worth the wait!
Fresh Hibiscus Flower and Ginger Extract Juice

Fresh Hibiscus Flower and Ginger Extract Juice

While our hunger only grew more fierce, we were served a shot of a hibiscus flower and ginger extract mixture which was very interesting.  Now I’m not one who usually does a wheat grass shot but upon seeing how lush the grass looked growing right next to our table and how the server boasted it was as it’s peak, we said bring it on.  Wow!  So sweet yet potent.
Wheat Grass At Its Peak!

Wheat Grass At Its Peak!

Wheat Grass Shot

Wheat Grass Shot

Finally, came our meal…I ordered the pancakes while my partner got the waffles, both made with buck wheat, millet and flaxseed, drizzled with light syrup, dusted with powdered sugar, and topped with fresh strawberries. We both also ordered the raw zucchini bacon, marinated in carrot and tomato cheese then dehydrated, OMG! I was in heaven considering I never seem to find vegan pancakes anywhere, with bacon, no less!!! I practically licked the plate clean.  I had my eye on the live hummus on the menu but unfortunately, it wasn’t offered for breakfast.  The menu is extensive, including both lunch and dinner.  The Garden of Vegan also has daily specials along with take home items like their vegan burger mix, homemade trail or tropical fruit mix.  They deliver to a limited area, too.
Vegan Buckwheat and Millet Pancakes $7, With Zucchini Bacon $3

Vegan Buckwheat and Millet Pancakes $7, With Zucchini Bacon $3

Fluffy Belgian Waffles with Vegan Bacon

Fluffy Belgian Waffles $7, with Vegan Bacon $3

My head was practically spinning at the possibilities so I will definitely make a trip back there for either lunch or dinner in the near future, perhaps for some falafel balls, broccoli or cauliflower nuggets or maybe even one of their famous burgers, with ice cream for dessert! Click here to peruse their complete menu!
Andrea earned an MS degree from The University of Florida and is a mom to 3 incredible sons. She works as an independent Speech and Language Pathologist within a diverse population in the Northwest Broward County, FL area. She LOVES to plan destination marathons (when budget allows) where she get to visit new cities and discover fab vegan/veg friendly restaurants/cafes/markets. Andrea has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, vegan for about 10. “It’s very exciting to see how society is beginning to truly embrace veganism for improved health, animal welfare and a greener environment!” she exalts. Andrea has developed a blog (book in the making) for vegan female endurance/hard core fitness athletes a.k.a.VeGAL (Vegan Girl AthLetes). Andrea’s territory is all of South Florida!  Contact Andrea to review your favorite veg-friendly restaurants within her territory.

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  1. Susanne

    October 4, 2014

    I am glad to let you know that this restaurant has a new name, The New Vegan, with the owners Rahein Jones and Patricia Jones! Please update so other people find their way there! Love their food!

    Happy vegetarian/vegan living!

    • Danielle Bussone

      Thank You Sanna,

      I am so very glad to learn about this. It looks like one of the partners reopened with a new name. This is very good news!!! I’ll send one of our writers over to check them out.

      Thanks, Sanna!

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