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by Danielle Bussone


Rosetta’s Kitchen is a plant-based restaurant with a mission.  Rosetta’s is not only dedicated to serving healthy whole foods but is also determined to feed the hungry.  Every day a red beans and rice dish is prepared at cost for those in need. The price is a sliding scale according to what an individual can afford to pay. If someone can’t pay the minimum suggested price, they may ask for a food voucher which was donated by previous customers who have paid something extra so that all may eat.


Rosetta's Kitchen Asheville, NC

Rosetta’s Kitchen Asheville, NC Lexington Ave. Entrance


Located off exit 5A from I-240, Rosetta’s front entrance faces Merrimon Avenue  just as you are coming off the exit ramp. There is no parking in the front so you must turn left onto Merrimon, take the next right onto Woodfin Street and then another right onto N. Lexington Ave. It’s isn’t as complicated as it sounds. There is parking on Lexington and also in a lot across from Rosetta’s. Be sure you put your money in the meter because the police patrol this area often, including the parking lot.

Main Dining Area

Main Dining Area


Rosetta’s has a kind of new age ambience which certainly lends a casualness to the restaurant, inviting clientele from all walks of life. Inside it is homey and filled with light. Everything on the menu is made from scratch and is either vegan or vegetarian. Most dishes can be prepared vegan.  Approximately fifty percent of Rosetta’s produce is organic and is sourced as much as possible from local and regional farmers.


Second Dining Area

Second Dining Area


We come here often, whenever traveling through Asheville. It is conveniently located, right off the interstate, and we never have trouble finding parking. It is also just good food one can count on to be healthy and whole. Usually, we are en-route to or from somewhere else and are looking for something relatively quick and reliably wholesome. Rosetta’s never disappoints.


The service is minimal and this has been a consistent experience for us.  Someone will bring your plate to your table but that’s about all you can expect. This is for the most part a self-service establishment so you may wish to keep that in mind when tipping, which is expected up front when you order.


Rosetta's Kitchen Asheville, NC

Rosetta’s Kitchen Asheville, NC


I must add a disclaimer here. We have enjoyed every single thing we’ve ordered at Rosetta’s Kitchen over numerous visits.  However, with other commitments pressing and always in such a rush to be somewhere else after we’ve completed our meal, I have never had the luxury to write a review of Rosetta’s in a timely fashion. Therefore, I find it difficult now to recall the flavors with any real accuracy.


With that in mind, please know we have eaten at this restaurant more than any other in Asheville and we would not consistently return were the food not delicious as well as nourishing. To make up for this shortcoming, I have included as many pictures as possible of the food we have personally tried, so you can see for yourself what Rosetta’s has to offer and allow your imagination fill in the blanks. These are all the dishes we have ordered and enjoyed over time and the photographs are taken of meals actually served to us. Much of the description I’ve pulled directly from Rosetta’s Kitchen’s Menu on their website to fill in memory gaps.


This Swiss Veggie Burger was a daily special. I opted to remove the Swiss cheese.  Rosetta’s Veggie Burger was voted the best veggie burger in Asheville. It is served on a homemade whole wheat bun with the standard fixin’s of lettuce, tomato and red onion.  Veganaise is also available upon request. The Veggie Burger alone is $8.75. With the addition of sweet potato chips and the swiss cheese, the price was $10.



Veggie Burger Special - $10

Veggie Burger Special with Sweet Potato Chips – $10


The Grilled Portabella Plate is served with sautéed kale and your choice of mashed potatoes (gluten free gravy upon request) or organic rice with gravy. The plate is topped with grilled red onions.


Grilled Portobello Plate - $11

Grilled Portabella Plate – $11


The Family Favorite is peanut butter baked organic tofu, sautéed kale, and mashed potatoes with  gravy.  Again, gluten-free gravy upon request.


Rosetta's Kitchen Asheville, NC

The Family Favorite – Small $9, Large $10.75


The Bhudda Bowl offers a spring mixed salad, a salad of sea vegetables, tomatoes, avocado and a side of organic grilled smoky tofu topped with tahini BBQ sauce and sprouts as well as a side of rice and gravy. I can’t say this was my favorite dish, though I remember I enjoyed the sea vegetable salad quite a lot.  I have to chalk this up to a personal preference as a woman at the table next to me ordered the same dish and absolutely loved it.


Buddha Bowl - $9 Add Tempeh for $1 more

Buddha Bowl – $9 Add Tempeh for $1 more


The Mountain consists of a layer of brown rice, topped with sautéed kale and fried local Smiling Hara tempeh. It is then topped with a house tahini Korean BBQ sauce.


Rosetta's Kitchen Asheville, NC Mountain vegan dish

The Mountain – Small $9.50 – Large $11.50


The “Sweet Tater Fries” are always a big hit. Sprinkled with cajun spices and served with a homemade Chipotle ketchup, these are something special. The white potato fries are good as well. I rarely order fries as I tend to stay away from fried foods in general, but when you feel the need for a decadent basket of skin-on French fries, Rosetta’s  is a great place to satisfy your cravings.


Rosetta's Kitchen Asheville, NC sweet potato fries

Rosetta’s Sweet Tater Fries – Small $3.25 – Large $5


The Pad Thai is rice noodles sautéed with carrots, daikon, cabbage, garlic and broccoli in a sweet & spicy peanut-apricot sauce and topped with fresh cilantro and sprouts. You can include organic tofu or local Smiling Hara tempeh for $2.00 extra.


Pad Thai Kitchen Style

Pad Thai Kitchen Style – Small $8.25, Large $10.75


For smaller appetites, one can order a la carte. I believe this is the Vegetable of the Day dish with a cup of Smashed Potatoes.


Veggie of the Day with Smashed Potatoes and Gravy

Veggie of the Day (price varies) with Smashed Potatoes and Gravy – Cup $2.50, Bowl $4


Finally, is the Triple Berry Crumble. It is a lovely finish to a meal with a sweet and tart flavor of berries with a crisp and chewy texture.


Triple Berry Crumble - $3

Triple Berry Crumble – $3


Rosetta’s has recently opened another site at the University of North Carolina and envisions expanding into other venues. Rosetta’s offers numerous appetizers, entrees, soups and salads we have not yet had the pleasure of tasting. The year is young, we plan to experience them all!



Co-founder and editor of Veggin’ Out and About!, Danielle writes restaurant reviews, profiles and interviews of people making a difference in the plant-based community. She is currently writing a cookbook for vegans called, “Time For Change: Whole Foods For Whole Health.” Danielle’s region is SW Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina and anywhere she happens to stop for sustenance along the road. Contact Danielle  directly to share your restaurant finds, to make comments or just to say hello.

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