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Contributed by Janet C, SHRF Volunteer Cooridinator, with Debi K, SHRF President. Segments aslo taken directly from SHRF website. 

 I am Janet C., and I am The Volunteer Coordinator for Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc. I joined the rescue in 2005 when I adopted my own red and white Siberian Husky, Ranger. As Volunteer Coordinator, I process the volunteer applications which we receive, contact the new volunteers, and help them find and understand the areas where their talents will be most useful.


Watching u 2008


The adoption story of my own Siberian Husky, Ranger, began in early 2005 when he was found in NE Florida. He was taken to a kill-shelter where he was evaluated. After evaluation, it was determined that Ranger was food aggressive. It was decided by the shelter staff that Ranger would either be euthanized or could only be saved by a rescue. That is where SHRF came in to save him. Ranger was pulled from the kill shelter in February of 2005 and I adopted him two weeks later with the understanding that he would need and receive training from a certified behavioral specialist.



Some of our incoming dogs, such as Ranger, may have behavioral issues. It is important to find the right behavioral specialist, with a solid history of treating the specific behaviors.In addition to Ranger, we have taken in other Huskies with a variety of medical conditions.




There is Snoshoo who went through three surgeries for his umbilical hernia before coming to SHRF. His fourth surgery where SHRF had Snoshoo taken to a specialist was a success. He quickly recovered and is now living a wonderful life in his adopted home.




Shyanne is another Siberian Husky who was going to be put down if they could ever get her out of her kennel without being bitten. No one could approach her to get her out as she was extremely fearful, feeling cornered, so she became defensive. Our President, Debi K., drove two hours and spent about 30 minutes getting Shyanne to develop trust in her, and she managed to successfully get her out willingly.

 During the process of getting her out, not once did she raise her gums to show her teeth, but as soon as the shelter staff member would make a move to get close to her, she would show her teeth to her. Once she came out of her kennel to our President, she was full of kisses and rolled right on her back for belly rubs.Shyanne is the sweetest girl. Her foster loved her and it wasn’t long before she was adopted into her loving, forever home.





Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida Inc was established in 1999. Our mission is to rescue stray, abused, surrendered and unwanted Siberian Huskies in Northern and Central Florida. Since that time, our all-volunteer rescue has saved the lives of 1,144 Siberian Huskies. We have a President, plus four other Board Members, and SHRF is an official 501(c)(3).




We list our Siberian Huskies currently available for adoption on our website under the heading Available Dogs. Potential adopters must complete and submit an application to adopt. In addition, on our website we do list other Huskies available for adoption at state and county facilities, but not through SHRF.




We also offer a Referral Service. Referrals are dogs available for adoption directly from their owner. Descriptions of the dogs are provided by the dog’s owner. People interested in adopting one of these referral dogs must contact the owner listed.




We are a not-for-profit organization run solely by volunteers. We have no paid staff. We take in purebred Huskies, primarily from kill shelters. SHRF does not have its own shelter location so all of our dogs are housed in foster homes. We are only able to take in dogs when we have an opening in a foster home, therefore, we can only accept owner surrenders when we have room. The primary mission of SHRF is to help dogs in immediate need of being saved from euthanization before taking in a dog that is being surrendered by its owner. We do offer a referral process for these dogs that will display the dog on our site and refer anyone interested directly to the owner.




We pay to have all our adoptable dogs spayed/neutered; treated for heartworm, sarcoptic mange and other diseases, bathed, groomed and microchipped. SHRF provides loving foster homes and we try to crate train, house train and obedience train the dogs as much as possible. We ensure all our dogs are up to date with their vaccines, flea and tick treatments before adoption.


We are frequently in desperate need of Florida foster homes for our incoming Siberian Huskies. Anyone interested in fostering for our rescue should contact our President, Debi K., at:




We try to educate the public about these beautiful, but sometimes challenging, dogs. We have a page on our website dedicated to Husky Education. This page covers most aspects of owning a Siberian Husky and includes segments such as General Characteristics, Athleticism and Huskies, Cats and Small Animals.


On our website, our rescue also features a national (and sometimes international) registry on Lost and Found Siberian Huskies. People who have lost or found a Siberian Husky can email us with the information and photos. We will post everything free of charge. People can contact our rescue at:


My gorgeous Ranger

My Gorgeous Ranger


Our rescue holds events, primarily across Central Florida, which allows people to meet Huskies available for adoption. We have a month-by-month calendar on our website which lists all events for the year.


In the past two years, our rescue has been using social media sites from which to promote our Siberian Huskies and animal rescue and adoption in general. We use a variety of sites such as the following which I personally manage in my role as Volunteer Coordinator:


Facebook    Twitter   Pinterest   Instagram   Google A   Google B

If any Florida residents would like to foster, volunteer or adopt from our rescue, we would ask that they please visit our website to complete an application form.


Ranger greet every day with gusto March 2015

Saving one of these wonderful dogs will bring joy and meaning to your life you cannot imagine. Save a Husky and Save Yourself!

As a final note, please go to our website and click on the Happy Endings link on the left side of the page. These beautiful Siberian Huskies are our dogs that have just been adopted, and have now gone into loving, forever homes!

Note: Not every dog on this page is currently available. Check our website for updates!


  1. Margriya cortez

    Do you have any husky puppies

    • Danielle Bussone

      No,sorry. You would have to contact the Siberian Husky Recuse of Florida. We’ve just posted an article about them. If you go to “read more” at the bottom of the article, you will be directed to their contact information. Good luck!

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