Kate Strong — Attempts A New World Record To Inspire Conscious Living!


by Danielle Bussone


She’s at it again! World Champion Long-Distance Triathlete, Kate Strong, aka Strong Kate, is creating a conscious living/fitness event that will take place in Wales, Britain on Sunday, December 6, 2015. She will be attempting a Guiness world record for the most miles ever achieved in one hour on a stationery bicycle. The fact that Kate has never been on a stationery bicycle is entirely beside the point. I spoke with Kate about this curious endeavor. After all, she competes constantly in world championships, ironman competitions and the like. Why a world record on a stationery bicycle?


Kate Cycling

Kate Cycling


Society loves labels; like you’re a vegan, you’re a triathlete and that sort of pockets you in a place you can’t easily break free from. I realized there is more to life than living one or two labels and I didn’t want to start limiting myself. Yet, part of my journey and my passion is to inspire others to live more consciously through positive change in their own lives. The way I do that is by attempting what most people think is impossible.

If I can do it, you can make a change in your life too. You just have to be more conscious in what you are doing today that might be limiting you to make that one change. Yes, I go extremes, competing for world championships and world records, but I’d like people to look at their own lives in a positive way, to become just a little more reflective and make that one change that can add more value to their own lives.




A few weeks beforehand we’ll start shooting a documentary where I’ll be predominately in Britain but I’ll be touching mainland Europe as well. I’ll be asking people: What is health and fitness to you? How are you healthy? What do you do, what do you eat, what do you think, what do you believe that adds value to your own life. This is completely nonjudgemental. I’m not here to change to world, to get everyone to become a triathlete, to look at their own eating habits and to eat like I do, but just start getting them thinking, start to realize and own what they do, to say: yes, I do this but I’m actually proud of what I’m doing, and I’m not going to change, but I’m happy. And to share, and hopefully I’ll learn more as well.


Kate Strong: PIC 17


The weekend coincides with the anniversary of the day Kate began her own journey of conscious living. Dec 8, 2012, was the date she was supposed to get married. She realized she was unhappy where she was and needed to make a change in her own life. She broke off her engagement and began a journey of transformation that resulted in winning the 2014 World Championship in China in women’s long-distance triathlon in the most competitive category. Kate wants to share her discovery of awakening to her own passions and encourage others to ignite their inner spark, that personal mission, whatever it may be, that brings value and meaning to each unique individual’s life.


The event is going to be held at the valodrome in Wales, UK. Kate is working with the organizers and is hoping to create a mini-festival, to have stalls, and other events besides hers. “There will be other people doing other things and I’ll be in the corner attempting a world record. It’s a celebration of everyone at everyone’s level, not just mine. It will be a day of festivities to celebrate health and fitness.”



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