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Hot Woks Cool Sushi
30 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603
(312) 345-1234

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To celebrate a wonderful week filled with friendship, family and sport we went out to Hot Woks Cool Sushi to celebrate. Combining the philosophy of balancing Ying and Yang in our bodies, the restaurant has two separate kitchens: one for cold dishes (Ying) and another for the hot dishes (Yang.

Kate Strong-9 Menu


Hot Woks Cool Sushi offers many choices for vegans and omnivores – a good compromise for my family as I am currently the only plant-powered person. Introducing my family to spicy edamame beans was a big hit with my (very food-stubborn) father declaring that these are now his favorite pre-dinner nibble!

Kate Strong-10 Edamame

I treated myself to two meals, both Ying; a fresh and uplifting salad of dried cranberries, red and green leaves, and red onions. All this topped with crunchy noodles to add a textural difference to the smooth leafy salad. The dressing was simple, and I guessed it to contain sesame seed oil, a twist of lime and a pinch of salt: just enough to lift the salad without overpowering the delicate flavors already present.
Kate Strong-11 Salad
For my second course, I was delivered a Vegan Sushi snaking along my plate! The presentation was most definitely a wow, which won my mother over who ordered for herself too! The traditional roll contained carrot, celery, beet and vegan mayonnaise enveloped with rice and avocado.
Kate Strong-12 Sushi
The caramelized soy sauce drizzled over the top added to the flavors already popping in my mouth and with pickled ginger and home-made wasabi if you were daring, every mouthful proved unique and interesting.

Hot Woks Cool Sushi is on my list to re-visit whenever I’m back in Chicago.

Hot Woks Cool Sushi details:
Kate Strong-13 Restaurant Details


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